and everyone to my Canvas of life, art, trends and creations 

It has been a quite a while since I've had the time or energy to paint and create art.
Although art is my passion, duty calls and time is just a thieve, Nevertheless every time
spring comes around, the little bulb in my head goes on and my hands are ready to paint again.

Not sure if this happens to other artists like myself, but that is my life right now and I'm learning
to make time and appreciate everything I see. As you get older you realize that there is no one
out there but yourself to make things happen.  So here I am cheery and beyond excited about
sunny days in the horizon ; )

There has been many changes in art and technology in the last couple of years,
but the vision of an artist is always changing rapidly, and sometimes these visions go
further than the present.  For those who are artists know what I am talking about,
we are innovators, we seek change, new things,  we are always looking for the future,
 but looking at it in a positive way, we are big hearted and  we enjoy bringing harmony,
even in a world full of critics.

Take your mind for a few minutes and see the side of my tiny world, you will either
be in serene awe or just be confused, I do that a lot to people, in good humor,
but at the end of the journey, you will get my perspective or not, but either way, enjoy!

Spring is almost here and if your inner spirit goes wild over the sun and warmth weather,
just embrace it and enjoy the little things that make you happy,
make it a great one!

Everyday is a blessing

Yours Truly


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