Welcome to my art page, where imagination meets creativity, and real meets surreal.
It is through art how anyone can express their feelings outward, Just as well as music and sports.
As a young child, I had the desire to draw. my mother used to buy magazines and ii would just draw the advertisements.
I started drawing for friends, and even my school events. As i grew older, I was guided by my father to learn how to draw,
sketch, view angles, use diagrams and just have an eye for things. It was pretty hard at times, but practice made a big difference,
Back then that's all i did with my free time. I took a commercial art class back in junior high, best class ever,
everyone in class were really great artists and really friendly people, that's the great thing about art and being an artist,
you don't discriminate, you appreciate everyone's art style and personalities. As artists we are united.
Often I was asked to draw and paint posters for the fashion and cosmetic departments.
I gained great admiration by my art teachers and they all advised to follow my art talent.
Then once I started having more art classes, I learned more techniques, it was then I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Once I got into college, it was a real awakening, I began to see art through many different perspectives.
I learned about Centennial art to Modern Art. Having Andy Warhol as my Favorite artist, made me realize I was a pop artist.

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